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"Elephants' Corridor"
(linking Nazinga Ranch
and Kaboré Tambi NP

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Man and Nature


The Nazinga Ranch is a protected area of 913 km² located near Pô, in Southern Burkina Faso. The PONASI (Pô-Nazinga-Sissili) ecological complex is home to a population of over 600 elephants. This density is exceptional in Western Africa!

In addition to elephants, Nazinga shows a high density of antelopes, with numerous sable antelopes, as well as kobs, Defassa waterbucks, bubales, etc. The reserve also shelters buffaloes. Lastly, three species of monkeys (baboons, vervet monkeys, and patas monkeys), numerous crocodiles, and an important bird fauna are found there.

A 4,500-ha forest corridor known as the “Elephant Corridor”, ensures connectivity between Nazinga and the Kaboré Tambi National Park (previously called Pô National Park) and allows megafauna exchanges within this large stretch of natural habitats.


Major issues

However, this conservation area suffers from on-going degradation due to the attempts of the local population to farm inside the corridor, the overexploitation of natural resources (logging, charcoal production, poaching…) and the high grazing pressure of domestic livestock.

Forest areas are cleared and replaced by monocultures, including cotton which is highly demanding in pesticides and seen as the main economic opportunity for local populations.

Unless action is taken, the corridor is at risk of disappearing in the coming years, cutting off an ancestral pathway for wildlife and drastically exacerbating human-elephant conflicts.




The project and the prospects for change


The objective of the project is to contribute to the conservation of the Elephant migration corridor and improve the local communities’ livelihoods by valorizing natural resources, mainly by producing honey products and organic shea butter.

The project aims at implementing following activities:

  • Classify the corridor as a local wildlife refuge and strengthen the governance of the communities in charge of its protection;
  • Develop a land use planning of the corridor with the local population including the delineation of paths for elephants to stay inside the corridor, decreasing conflicts with the population;
  • Build organizational, juridical and technical capacities of local decision bodies;
  • Raise awareness of local populations on issues related to harmful practices and the use of pesticides inside and on the outskirts of the corridor;
  • Implement Assisted Natural Regeneration techniques to increase the density of non-timber forest products and ensure the regeneration of the forest;
  • Train women on shea butter production in line with international quality criteria and provide equipment;
  • Promote beekeeping to foster natural regeneration through pollination and increase local population’s income;
  • Support commercialization of the finished products to offer direct outlets to women and ensure their long-term commitment in the sustainable valorization of local natural resources.


Committed partners


Nature et Développement (NatuDev) is an association under the Burkinabé law whose mission is to promote approaches that integrate nature conservation and the development of local populations. Its president, Alexis Kaboré, has an extensive experience in this area, especially in supporting communities to create and manage Community Resource Management Areas.


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To learn more about this project and its 2018 key achievements, please click on this link.


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