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Dja Biosphere

Cocoa, Non Timber
Forest Products

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The Dja Biosphere Reserve (526,000 ha), the only UNESCO World Heritage site in Cameroon, covers 18% of Cameroon's national network of protected areas. It is exceptionally rich in mammals (109 species including Lowland Gorillas and chimpanzees), birds (360 species including the Bald Picatharte and the Grey Red-tailed Parrot), fish and trees (such as the Moabi).


Major issues


The project is implemented in two forest areas located in the north and the east, outlying directly the reserve, with a total area of about 80,000 ha. 25 villages are involved in the project. 

This conservation area suffers from ongoing degradation due to the increase in the rural population and overexploitation of natural resources (timber, charcoal, poaching, fishing, non-timber forest products for food and pharmacopoeia).

The constant pressure on natural resources results in loss of biodiversity, at the expense of the poorest rural communities that lead traditional lifestyle. 



The project and the prospects for change


The project aims to support the cocoa sector, which today represents up to 50% of the income of many farmers. This support will be done through the creation of a pilot organic cocoa value chain and the implementation of a sustainable agroforestry system and the obtaining of the 'Rainforest Alliance' certification. A guarantee of forest protection will be established, thus ensuring zero deforestation production for the benefit of local communities. This work will be done through the support of an existing cocoa farmers' cooperative.

The project will support the Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP) sector. These NTFPs: moabi, wild mango, njansang, allanblackia... collected in the periphery of the reserve, are traditionally used by local communities for food and medical purposes. Their collection generates additional income for the women, which is used in particular for the sending children to school. The partner TF-RD will support women's groups in the collective sale of their products.

In order to ensure better incomes and sales, TF-RD's action will also focus on supporting producers and collectors in improving the quality of their products.

Within the framework of this project, Noé and TF-RD will continue their approach of strengthening the capacities of local communities, promoting women empowerment, and conserving biodiversity (anti-poaching patrols, bio-monitoring, development and implementation of sustainable resource management plans, etc.).



Committed partners


Tropical Forest and Rural Development (TF-RD) is a Cameroonian association created in 2010 working on the creation of cocoa-based agroforests, and the development of local value chains that promote biodiversity conservation and economic activities on protected areas surroundings. Its objective is to contribute to the development of a socio-economic model that supports the empowerment of local communities and contributes to the conservation of biodiversity. TF-RD is currently working around the Dja Biosphere Reserve, focusing on cocoa agroforests, fruit trees and NTFPs such as wild mangoes, Moabi seeds and Njansang nuts. In addition, resource regeneration activities through the establishment of nurseries and planting are also carried out.


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