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Cameroon - October 2020

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Launch of BIONAT activities with the CERAF team in Garoua, Gouna 

BIONAT Project launch activities with the partners TFRD, TFFC and CERAF, on July 4 and August 12, 2020

The objective of the BIONAT Project is to develop and gain recognition of biological value chains for forest and agroforestry products in Cameroon, as a lever for stabilisation, sustainable socio-economic development and biodiversity conservation in and around the protected areas of Dja and Bénoué.

On 4 July and 12 August 2020, two joint workshops were held with the partners to organise and plan the implementation and monitoring of the Project. The aim was also for the partners to identify the main challenges and risks on the objectives and activities, and to elaborate detailed action plans for each component of the Project.

A vision of the Project and its ambitions was shared and the basis of the partnership enriched, in order to achieve the set outputs:

  • At least 2 sustainable value chains are commercialized on the cameroonian market, which are economically profitable and generate positive socio-environmental impacts;
  • At least 600 producers, of which more than 60% are women, trained and organized, and develop products according to organic sustainability standards;
  • At least 65 t of products from pro-biodiversity value chains are sold on the national and international markets;
  • A range of cameroonian natural cosmetic products is marketed;
  • The processing and marketing enterprises supported are approaching financial autonomy;
  • Sustainable links will be forged with urban and/or international buyers;
  • A series of key innovations are tested and disseminated (organic cocoa specifications with guaranteed forest protection, innovative products, technical itineraries, marketing etc.);
  • Civil society and economic actors are mobilized in favor of a future institutional and professional recognition of organic cocoa in Cameroon.

To learn more about the project, follow this link !


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Launch of BIONAT activities with TFRD and TFFC in Yaoundé



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