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Cameroon - July 2018

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CAMGEW won the national Energy Globe Award prize for Cameroon !

The Energy Globe Award is the most prestigious environmental prize worldwide that annually recognizes the best projects from 182 participating countries with more than 2000 projects.

CAMGEW is supporting initiatives for the conservation of 20 000ha of Kilim Ijim forests and for the development of green value chain in the north-West region of Cameroon. Kilum Ijim Forest was exposed to heavy losses of natural resources because of uncontrolled fires from slash-and-burn practices and fires started by grazers for a better pasture. CAMGEW engaged communities around Kilim Ijim to develop bee keeping initiatives as an alternative to over exploitation of natural resources. Bee farmers from 28 villages have been organised in 6 cooperatives, in order to improve the quality and the selling price of honey. Local communities were engaged in planting of 63 700 local bee loving trees. CAMGEW opened a shop in Bamenda that helps farmers to market honey. Environmental education programme helped 150 000 local communities members to get engaged for environment.

We have financial and technical partnership with CAMGEW since 2015.

The competition continues at global level, let’s give a strong support to CAMGEW!


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19 Dec 2019

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