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Cambodia - October 2017

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The association Poh Kao has been awarded by the Cambodian Ministry of Environment, with the signature of the Prime Minister! This is the result of the great work in favor of forest conservation, conducted by Poh Kao and its local partner NTFP. The Law Vishnu Group in charge of the revision of the Environmental Code has identified them as a collaborative conservation model.

In May 2016, thanks to denunciation of illegal logging and to its media coverage by the Huffington Post and Le Monde, the government established new protected areas covering 1 million hectares in total, including Veun Sai – Siem Pang primary forest where Poh Kao and NTFP operate.

These NGOs are now advocating to enact a regulation aiming at prioritizing the training of villagers to patrol and secure National Parks. We will keep you posted !

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