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Cameroon - June 2017

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With our local partner TF-RD, we welcomed in Cameroun employees from the French company « Maisons du Monde ».

During 6 days, 10 employees visited TF-RD’s project aiming at developing certified cocoa and Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP) with the local population living at the outskirts of the Dja Biosphere Reserve.

Schedule included: a visit to the refuge for apes, a demonstration of the processing platform for vegetable oils, a stay in the tropical forest, the teaching of the grafting technic, and presentation of the NTFP…

The objectives of the company are to promote the projects funded by their foundation, and to sensitize their staff on sustainable development.

On our side, we have been able to explain how the development of green value chains is key for the conservation of biodiversity and the empowerment of the local communities. We have also shared the daily life of the field teams and of local business communities.

To get more information on this project, click on this link.

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