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Man & Nature is a non-profit organisation that develops programs aiming to promote innovative conservation approaches and sustainable development models.

Man & Nature's core strategy consists of supporting a sustainable and rational exploitation of natural resources, as well as a fair benefit sharing between local communities from the South and private companies from the North.

Man & Nature supports many activities all geared towards achieving its main objective : offer local communities an economic and social stepping stone, mainly thanks to the identification and structuring of new natural resource subsectors of potential commercial interest.

To translate its vision into concrete actions, Man & Nature started off by supporting a series of projects in more than ten countries on three continents, by itself or together with other donors. Man & Nature works together with many partners to carry out its mission: local NGOs implementing field projects, private companies supporting the development or improvement of natural products value chains, public entities and private donors supporting technically and financially the projects, partners helping to consolidate strategic approaches in order to achieve sustainable development on a global scale.

Man & Nature started its activities in 2010 thanks to the support of the French company Maisons du Monde. Its programs are based on the many years of experience of the Madagascar-based NGO "L'Homme et l'Environnement" in managing experimental natural reserves there. Man & Nature is not only the result of a great collaborative work, but also a gret human adventure involving individuals with an ever-deepening commitment, one of them being to share experiences and collaborate...

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Actions all over the World

Demonstrate that nature conser-
vation and development can go together in different contexts. 
spacer  Select projects in many parts of
the World where biodiversity
is under threat.

Participate in site-based inventory of natural resources and  estimate their production potential. 

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Nepal - July 2017

Nepal - July 2017

Publication of a Paper on the use of alternative crops to protect elephants

Cameroon - June 2017

Cameroon - June 2017

Maisons du Monde in solidary leave with Tropical Forest and Rural Development (TF-RD)