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Since its creation in 2010, Man&Nature has managed to bring together and mobilize companies by involving them on field projects. By increasing their awareness about issues surrounding natural ingredients chains improvement (sustainability, traceability, fairness), Man&Nature is convincing them to participate in biodiversity conservation and improvement of local communities living conditions.


Back in 2010, support from Maisons du Monde allowed Man&Nature to start its activities, based on the "kick start project" principle : the company supports the first year of a selected project and Man&Nature generates interest from other contributors to ensure further funding.

In parallel to financial support to Man&Nature, substantive work has been carried out by Maisons du Monde to improve supply chains and better control the environmental impact of its activities.

Each year, company's employees are taking part in "solidarity leaves" on projects sites supported by Man&Nature (Madagascar, Peru, Nepal, Senegal, Nicaragua, Zambia, etc.). 

Logo ChanelChanel Parfums Beauté is presently supporting 2 projects in Burkina Faso and Cameroon, and has supported one project in Cambodia. The partnership with Man&Nature confirms the company's commitment, by contributing to biodiversity conservation and local communities development.

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Mane Foundation supports the production of a new fragrance ingredient by enhancing a plant from Cameroon, following the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing. This program is considered as a pilot project by the Ministry of Environment in Cameroon. 

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Albert Vieille company is involved in Peru. As an aromatic raw materials producer, it helps communities in Veinte de Enero to produce aguae essential oil that meets international quality requirements while contributing to resource conservation.

Phytodess LogoFor more than 2 years,Phytodess, a brand of Dessange group, has been supporting Man&Nature in the island of Nosy Be, Madagascar. The brand is demonstrating that it is possible to protect an exceptional site by developing a sustainable production of ylang ylang that contributes to biodiversity conservation and improvement of local populations living conditions.

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Constructor Maisons Comeca supports reforestation of a forest corridor in Nicaruagua. By offsetting its carbon emissions, the company is fighting against climate change and is contributing to conservation of the exceptional biodiversity that can be found in this frail tie between North and South America.

PuretradelogoIn Madagascar, Pure trade company supports conservation of the Great Bamboo Lemur, an highly endangered primate species, by contributing to the development of 3 villages surrounding Ranomafana famous National Park. The company's commitment to biodiversity is valued by its customers.

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Fragrance designer Technicoflor is supporting quality improvement of mint and chamomile essential oils that are produced by  local communities at the border of Bardia National Park. It contributes directly to human-animal conflicts resolution, while diversifying production and generating new incomes.

MELVITA LOGOMelvita has committed to support a solidarity project in Morocco, by training women in beekeeping in the Arganeraie area. This projects meets two concerns : generating new incomes and restoring bees population  in Sahara, as these bees play a crucial role in maintaining local ecosystems.

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Whether you are a business or an individual, you can read more about the way you can support our actions by clicking on the thumbnail opposite.

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