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Man & Nature operates by providing technical and financial support to NGOs around the world that run projects combining community development with environmental preservation.

By acting as a bridge between economic supporters and local communities backed by the NGOs, Man & Nature contributes to generating additional financial income and orienting actions towards a more environmentally friendly development.

While it strives to take part in bringing about changes, Man & Nature remains concerned with respecting local customs and traditions at all times: raising awareness about the pressure on the natural environment, enhancing the value of natural resources that are little or not at all exploited, bringing in new processing techniques, creating new production chains, changing behaviors, developing community-based management mechanisms, etc.

When identifying intervention zones, Man & Nature selects regions with high biodiversity (known as hotspots) where local NGOs already operate in connection with local communities.

Man & Nature pays special attention to zones where the trends of disappearance can be reversed and where natural resources can be optimally utilized to the benefit of the local population and of conservation.

Secondarily, Man & Nature seeks to bring on board private partners, especially economic operators interested in supporting the optimal use and ethical exploitation of these natural resources.

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