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Man & Nature’s implementing unit is a lean structure, with fast team mobilization, that benefits from recognized expertise. Today the unit is composed of five individuals :

Rémi GOUIN, Chairman

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An agricultural engineer by training, Remi worked as a farmer for 10 years before joining the French Development Agency. For the next 30 years, he worked on questions concerning the economic development of farmers in the South, set up and followed up on over 50 rural development projects in 25 countries.

Between 1999 and 2006, he is placed in charge of the biodiversity sector of the French Global Environment Fund, and, along with several teams, oversees over 80 projects in 30 countries.

Since 2006, his goal is to assist actions of companies, as well as of private and public foundations, which wish to get involved in the protection of Nature together with the civil society and the local communities of the South.

He is Chairman of Man & Nature since its creation in January 2011.

Cécile LACHAUX, Executive Director

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Cécile holds a master degree in biology and ecology from Poitiers and Oklahoma University. Through spending 1 year abroad in Madagascar and Benin, where she was working as a project officer in various NGOs, she gained significant field experience in managing environmental issues with local communities.

Cécile joined TFT France at the beginning of 2009 and has been managing TFT’s French retail members. She was responsible for the work TFT does with a French retailer on sustainable pulp and paper, wood and palm oil linking with buyers, factories, NGOs, local communities and has gained a strong knowledge of the economic, social and environmental issues surrounding these commodities use and trade. She spent three years and a half performing a senior role in TFT’s Indonesian country office in Jakarta. As Senior Manager Asia, Cécile managed and developed several projects and coordinated the achievements on the ground.

In 2014, she joined the Global Canopy Programme as a Senior Manager, in charge of the Drivers Programme.

Now, working for Man & Nature as Executive Director.

Cécile RENIER, Projects Manager

Cecile R Portrait02

Agricultural engineer specialised in environmental sciences, Cécile first worked as an intern for the French Development Agency, enabling her to deepen her understanding of international solidarity issues. She then worked as a volunteer for the NGO Blue Forests on mangrove rehabilitation in Indonesia, where she gained experience in natural resources management and rural development. 

After carrying out a study for the National Museum of Natural History, she joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development as desk officer on biodiversity and development, strengthening her project management skills. 

Following these experiences, Cecile joined Man & Nature as project manager.

Emmanuelle BEGUIN, Projects & Partnerships Manager

EmmanuelleB Portrait

Emmanuelle is an agricultural economist specializing in international development and agroecology, with a master degree from the INA-PG (now Agroparistech). She joined Man&Nature after 10 years serving the economic development of poor or vulnerable rural communities and family farms in France, Africa (DRC, Chad, Angola, Sierra Leone), Asia (Philippines, China) and South America (Brazil, French Guyana).

She has always cared for the environmental and ecological matters through her tropical forestry experiences with the MNHN, CIRAD and others, and when while managing sustainable agriculture, conservation agriculture and agroforestry projects in the field.

After three years as an agriculture and food advisor for the UK aid agency (DFID), she now endeavours to devote her skills to promote ecology and biodiversity.

Théo TOURNEBIZE, Technical Adviser

Theo Portrait

Engineer in tropical agronomy and international development at ISTOM, Théo has always been sensitive to the questions of environmental protection and rural development. He first spent a four-month mission in Nicaragua for a producers’ association, Sano y Salvo, promoting the ecological agroforestry in the South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region, where he was able to acquire an experience in agroecology and in management of natural resources with the local communities.

In 2013, he realised a socioeconomic impact study in Cameroon for a governmental program supporting producers’ groups, strengthening his skills in agricultural development and rural socioeconomics. 

In 2014, Théo works for the French NGO, Coeur de Forêt, in the development of the sector " moabi Oil " with a Cameroonian cooperative.

This last experience allowed him to join the team of Man & Nature as Technical Adviser in Cameroon, for the project “Economy and Businesses in the service of the Biodiversity” supported by the AFD.

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