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Man & Nature is a non-profit organization that develops an innovative biodiversity conservation approach of threatened ecosystems and encourages economic development through the sustainable use and valorization of natural resources.


Major issues


Ecosystems are subject to accelerated degradation in tropical countries: high population growth, land pressure, overexploitation of natural resources, failing and often corrupt nature conservation administrations without financial means, unsustainable and often illegal logging and mining, large scale industrial plantations... These factors lead to biodiversity loss, to the detriment of the poorest rural populations who traditionally rely on natural resources to live.

Historically, most conservation actions in developing countries have focused on strengthening the protection of biodiversity-rich areas, against local population’s access. International action has supported the Government as a central player in attempting to reinforce regulatory measures and the organization of surveillance. Very few means have been mobilized on the involvement of populations and the development of economic activities. This approach has hardly given any convincing results.


Linking Nature and Development


Yet this situation is not inevitable. Local populations are aware of the biodiversity degradation but can not stop external operators or are themselves in a state of short-term survival that prevents them from managing their resources over time. Solutions to ecosystem degradation and biodiversity loss require community-based management of natural resources and economic alternatives. Improving populations’ income through the development of green value chains allows them to support the establishment of protected areas and to adopt sustainable management practices.

Man & Nature aims at supporting the sustainable and rational exploitation of natural resources and a fair income for the local populations of the South, in partnership with private companies in the North.

Man & Nature works with populations living within and around protected areas, home to a rich biodiversity. Its main objective is to offer local communities an economic and social stepping stone while contributing to biodiversity conservation. Its action consists in structuring sustainable value chains of natural ingredients and identifying outlets for the finished products.

Man & Nature’s action generates changes that respect local customs: raising of environmental awareness, identification of valuable and underdeveloped natural resources, introduction of new processing techniques, emergence of new subsectors, development of community-led management mechanisms, etc.

Man & Nature has already significant experience and concrete results. Since 2010, 33 projects have been supported in 19 countries.


Essential partners


Man & Nature works together with many partners to carry out its mission.

Local NGOs, already involved with communities lead the projects on the ground. Man & Nature promotes the development of a strong civil society in developing countries by providing capacity building to these key players.

Man & Nature involves private companies in the development and sourcing of sustainable products and in concrete actions for biodiversity conservation and socio-economic development of local populations.

Man & Nature is also supported by institutions and donors to help drive forward strategic approaches and develop a sustainable model at the global level.

All these stakeholders have a major role to play in promoting incentives and engaging in innovative actions that will help maintain ecosystems that are essential to human beings.


Man & Nature is not only the result of a great collaborative work, but also a gret human adventure involving individuals with an ever-deepening commitment, one of them being to share experiences and collaborate...


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